DEI Commitment

Everyone is welcome at Premium Concrete Services, Inc. We are an inclusive business culture that values diversity of thought, experience, background, skill and viewpoint – and we enjoy creating opportunities to leverage that diversity. That is strength, because it pushes us to not just cooperate but to collaborate – to push on you, and you push on me until we come up with the best opportunity and/or solution for those we serve. We respect diversity of age, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, race, ethnicity, veteran status and perspective. In fact, we’ve seen some pretty wonderful relationships form among coworkers of different generations, different ethnic and racial backgrounds, and lifestyle and faith perspectives. Respecting and practicing diversity and inclusion is necessary to the creative and problem-solving processes. We also greatly respect the need for equity – for there to be fair practices and processes that are applied equally to all employees, as well as vendors and suppliers, and to create equitable opportunities for economically disadvantaged businesses in our community.